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Kenneth R. Feinberg

An interview with attorney Kenneth Feinberg.

Michelle Alexander

Ohio State Law professor, civil rights advocate and litigator.

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Q&A: Who are your greatest influences in the legal profession?

Six attorneys discuss their greatest influences in the profession

Q&A: What have you found to be the most rewarding aspect of your practice area?

Five lawyers discuss the most rewarding aspects of their work.

More Showing, Less Telling

Courtroom technology lets attorneys do more showing and less telling.

The Classical Liberal Constitution

Erwin Chemerinsky is impressed and disturbed by Richard Epstein's The Classic Liberal Constitution.

Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice

Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice, examines the ongoing impact of the 1990's "superpredator" myth.

Black Against Empire

Black Against Empire is an unprecedented in-depth chronicle of the Black Panther Party.

The Divorce Papers

In The Divorce Papers, Susan Rieger's entertaining debut novel centers around family law and relationships.

Law and Disorder

An excerpt from Law and Disorder: Absurdly Funny Moments from the Courts, by Charles Sevilla.

Power Play

Patton Boggs made itself attractive as a merger partner by removing contingent liability -- at its former clients' expense.

Using Vocational Experts

When a litigant claims lost wages, don't proceed without a vocational expert.

Effective Mediation Briefs

When submitting a premediation brief, include information to motivate your opponents to settle.

Your Own Style

Even in legal writing, find your own style to create compelling communication.

A Wrenching Loss

A lawyer contemplates the suicide of a friend and fellow attorney.

Demand Letters as Extortion

Can an attorney's demand letter constitute illegal extortion? Yes, indeed, according to recent California appellate decisions.

Authenticating Web Evidence

Authenticating Internet evidence requires care and attention to detail.

Clinic Gives Start-Ups Free Help as Students Gain Experience

The Start-up Legal Garage at UC Hastings is a reboot for law school.

Law Jobs Scarce For California Grads

California is home to many law schools with low employment rates for grads.

Pro Bono Help for Inventors

IP lawyers find pro bono opportunities through a U.S. patent office program.

Summer Reading: Still a Month Left

Summer reads to squeeze in by Labor Day.