Good Works: Mobile Clinics Reach Out
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Good Works: Mobile Clinics Reach Out

September 2014

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THE VOLUNTEERS: Firms and law students in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area

THE CLIENTS: People in rural and isolated communities throughout the state, but mostly veterans, low-income seniors, children with disabilities, and young immigrants

THE WORK: The nonprofit OneJustice's fully mobile legal clinic, the Justice Bus Project, buses volunteers to and from hard-to-reach low-income clients for free one-day clinics. Clients and volunteers work in pairs for up to two hours. (Staff attorneys from legal aid nonprofits also participate.) Volunteers do investigations, provide legal advice, and help clients create documents such as simple wills, letters to school administrators, and immigration applications. Clinics are set up temporarily at food banks, community gardens, senior centers, and other locations. They often include a mobile office with Internet access, laptops, printers, and other supplies.

THE RESULTS: In 2013 the Justice Bus Project conducted 47 mobile clinics that engaged 469 volunteers and served 974 clients in isolated communities, including 110 veterans, 173 low-income seniors, and 194 children.

TO PARTICIPATE: To schedule your firm or school (or both!) to participate in the Justice Bus Project, email Michael Winn.

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Sunni Medina - September 11, 2014
I am looking for a Civil Rights Attorney Please contact me @ (909) 272 4562 I live in Northern California.

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