Summer Reading: Still a Month Left
California Lawyer

Summer Reading: Still a Month Left

August 2014

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It's already mid-summer, but there's still time to catch up on beach reading - and perhaps weightier material. California Lawyer checked with independent booksellers in Northern and Southern California for suggestions that would especially appeal to attorneys.

The Year She Left Us
Debut novelist Kathryn Ma draws on her experience as an attorney to tell the story of three generations of Chinese-American women, including a judge and a lawyer, who confront their pasts to create their futures.

Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and the Constitution
Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe and co-author Joshua Matz analyze the critical decisions of the past eight-plus years of the Supreme Court.

A Fighting Chance
Former Harvard law professor and possible presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren recounts her rise from Oklahoma high school debate champion to politics and the U.S. Senate.

Hard Choices Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton writes about her four years leading diplomacy for the United States. In June, China effectively banned sale of the book.

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