Law Jobs Scarce For California Grads
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Law Jobs Scarce For California Grads

August 2014

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When law schools are ranked by their rates of unemployment among the class of 2013, California institutions take 7 of the top 10 spots (and 12 of the top 25). Here are the 10 law schools in the United States and Puerto Rico with the highest rates.

1. Whittier Law School (CA) 41%

2. California Western School of Law (CA) 41%

3. University of Puerto Rico (PR) 40%

4. Golden Gate University (CA) 37%

5. University of San Francisco (CA) 37%

6. Florida Coastal School of Law (FL) 35%

7. McGeorge School of Law (CA) 34%

8. University of La Verne (CA) 34%

9. Chapman University (CA) 30%

10. Inter American University (PR) 29%

In a ranking by how likely grads were to land a job where a law degree was required or "helpful," three California law schools made the top 25: Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCLA - all with employment rates in the low 90s. But that wasn't enough to break into the top 10.

1. University of Virginia (VA) 98%

2. University of Pennsylvania (PA) 97%

3. University of Chicago (IL) 97%

4. Columbia University (NY) 97%

5. Emory University (GA) 97%

6. Harvard University (MA) 96%

7. New York University (NY) 96%

8. Arizona State University (AZ) 95%

9. Northwestern University (IL) 94%

10. University of Minnesota (MN) 93%

Source: American Bar Association survey of ABA-accredited law schools on employment status of 2013 graduates as of Feb. 15, 2014

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