Executions Keep Dropping
California Lawyer
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Executions Keep Dropping

March 2014

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Fighting for Their Lives December 2013

As the supply of lethal drugs continues to erode - along with public support for the death penalty - the number of inmates executed in the United States is falling.

39: People executed in U.S. in 2013 (a 19-year low)

2: States responsible for 59 percent of executions (Texas had 16, Florida, 7)

18: States without death penalty (the count has risen each year since 2008)

0: California inmates executed since 2006

746: Inmates, as of January 2014, on California's death row (largest in U.S., followed by Florida's with 401)

Sources: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation; Florida Department of Corrections; Death Penalty Information Center 2013 report.

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