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Barry C. Scheck

A conversation with Innocence Project founder Barry C. Scheck.

Dennis Ross

A conversation with Dennis Ross about what it takes to be an effective mediator.

Earn MCLE credit by watching Legally Speaking Videos

Q&A: Who are your greatest influences in the legal profession?

Six attorneys discuss their greatest influences in the profession

Q&A: What have you found to be the most rewarding aspect of your practice area?

Five lawyers discuss the most rewarding aspects of their work.

Will You be My Friend?

Many online networks for lawyers to exchange advice and referrals have launched in recent years, but ethical and strategic questions remain.

California Update: Reproductive Rights

California remains unaffected by the U.S. Supreme Court decision.

Connecting Clients and Lawyers

Lawyer-referral services struggle to meet the growing need for legal help.

Good Works: Mobile Clinics Reach Out

The Justice Bus Project brings lawyers to hard-to-reach clients.

Patent Payouts by the Numbers


Online Ethics

Use care when mining social media for evidence or researching jurors.

Ensuring Peace in Multiparty Cases

All litigators need to know the statutory rules governing good faith settlements.

The Urge to Exclaim

In legal writing, don't give in to the urge to exclaim.

Questioning Convictions

A conversation with Innocence Project founder Barry C. Scheck.

Hollywood Dreams v. Reality

A lawyer recalls his experience as the creator of the TV series "Justice."

Special Credit: Knowing When to Quit

Aging attorneys who begin to lose the ability to practice face ethical dilemmas.

Recess Is Never Long Enough

The U.S. Supreme Court remains first among co-equals yielding significant decisions on important issues; the mixed reaction to its hobby preference.

Going Mobile

Consultants and practicing attorneys say mobile consumer apps should be in every lawyer's toolbox -- and not for posting selfies.