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Kenneth R. Feinberg

An interview with attorney Kenneth Feinberg.

Michelle Alexander

Ohio State Law professor, civil rights advocate and litigator.

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Q&A: What have you found to be the most rewarding aspect of your practice area?

Five lawyers discuss the most rewarding aspects of their work.

Q&A: What advice would you give to a new attorney?

Five legal vets offer practical wisdom to young lawyers.

Safe Storage

Once a firm has begun taming its accumulated data, the next challenge is where and how to store it.

Reel Law
Legal Moments at the Movie House

Diluting Dukes?

Two panels have limited how much trial courts may consider the merits of a claim at the class certification stage.

The Third Branch

A lawyer looks back at his grandfather's career as a judge in 1930s Germany and reminds us why an independent judiciary is so important.

Protecting and Serving

A new general counsel finds her work rewarding -- even though the hours are just as long as they were at a law firm.

Defamation Without a Name

Online posts from anonymous sources add a layer of complexity to addressing defamation.

Recovering Fees from Clients

A law firm that represents itself cannot recover attorneys fees from former clients unless the underlying retainer agreement contains the proper language.

Medicare Set-Asides

Medicare set-asides are a complex subject that personal injury litigators need to understand.

What Is Life Worth?

A conversation with Kenneth R. Feinberg, the lawyer who presided over the distribution of billions of dollars to those who suffered grevious injuries and losses during the 9/11 attack.

A Dialogue on Justice

A lawyer teaches students abroad about victims' rights in the United States.

Criminal Law: Victim Restitution

California's victim-restitution law is a powerful tool for people who have been injured by criminal conduct.

Solicitor General's Office Expands

California is one of several states that has expanded its solicitor general offices recently.

"Law Suits" for All

The 13th annual "Law Suits" clothing drive is in July.

Prop 65: Reform of Toxics Law a Challenge

Disclosure rules meant to clear the air around Prop. 65 promise to stir up industry.

Insurance Industry Vastly Outspends Measure's Supporters

A look at the spending in a ballot measure battle.

Courtly Manners: Rewarding Referrals Can Go Haywire

How to give proper thank yous for referrals.

Bar Associations: Calling All Dinosaurs

The creature formerly known as brontosaurus looms over a section of the L.A. County Bar.