Corporate Crime on the Rise
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Corporate Crime on the Rise

January 2014

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By the Numbers December 2009

In interviews with 901 executives worldwide last summer, Kroll found that more companies than ever were affected by theft and fraud in the previous twelve months. Among U.S. executives, 66 percent said their companies experienced fraud, up from 60 percent a year earlier. Only two-thirds of the executives said their companies actively monitor and assess their security. Other notable findings:

21% The share of executives who said their company was "highly vulnerable" to information theft (up from 7% in 2011-12)

28% Share of executives who reported physical theft

22% Share of executives who reported information theft

39% Share of professional services companies (including law firms) reporting fraud led by an insider (when the perpetrator was known)-the second-highest rate among 10 industries surveyed. Professional services firms' rates of physical theft (15%) and information theft (14%) were lower than average.

Source: 2013 Kroll Global Fraud Report

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