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Serious Money
Barely a year ago, government officials dismissed virtual currency as either a libertarian fantasy or a means to criminal enterprise. But the Treasury Department has established guidelines, and now Bitcoin is attracting venture capitalists.

The Many Lives of Sheila Kuehl
The lawyer, erstwhile TV actor, and former state legislator is running for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, one of the most powerful local offices in the nation.

Emerging Distractions
Law and precedents send mixed messages on drivers' use of electronic devices, including Google Glass.

Hindsight - 9 Years Ago
The case of the finger tip in the chili.

Law Briefly Stemmed the Flood of Patent Claims
A look at the impact of the America Invents Act.

Courtly Manners: The Referral That Keeps on Giving
How to protect your relationship with referral sources.


The Case for Change
Here's why small, older firms must update their practice management -- and how to start.

Employment Law

Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Responding to Malpractice Issues
When an untoward event occurs, lawyers need good advice to minimize liability and avoid malpractice.

MCLE: A Level Playing Field
The rules of professional conduct don't just govern ethics -- they also ban discrimination.

MCLE: Fair Use in Hollywood
When an author incorporates someone else's copyrighted work, issues of fair use may come into play.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: This Time, It's Personal
An attorney handles the insurance claim after her family's home is lost in the Oakland firestorm.

Books: Keeping It Civil
Deborah Wald reviews a collection of stories by family law attorney Margaret Klaw.

Legally Speaking: Saving Obamacare
A conversation with Donald B. Verrilli Jr., the 46th solicitor general of the United States.

Practical Tips: Breeze Through Your Business Trip
How to shorten your wait at airport security, and other advice.

In House: Managing Outside Counsel
A GC offers three principles for working with outside lawyers.