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Final Requests
When terminally ill prison inmates are released before their sentences are up, is justice done or denied?

Pushing the Envelope
It's not always easy to differentiate between a brilliant legal strategy and a publicity stunt.

e-Cig Makers Set to Light Up
E-Cig regulations could change dramatically in 2014.

Keeping it Local
Realignment leads to more split sentences and boosts probation.

Callers Need Your Say-So
Tighter FCC restrictions on telemarketers are in effect.

Corporate Crime on the Rise
More companies than ever are affected by theft and fraud.


e-Cig Makers Set to Light Up
E-Cig regulations could change dramatically in 2014.

Every Firm's a Target
Law firms can take steps to protect themselves from cyber attacks.


Editor's Note


Expert Advice: Benefit Corporations
Benefit corporations can pursue social aims and profits.

MCLE: Talking to the Class
When counsel communicate with putative class members before certification, legal skirmishes are likely to result.

MCLE: The Nature of Patents
A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision raises questions about whether you can patent nature.

Discipline Report

In Pro Per: Bringing Light
A pro bono case spurs a personal injury litigator's career change.

Books: License to Wed
Sociologist Kimberly Richman examines why same-sex couples marry.

Books: Democracy of Sound
Alex Sayf Cummings's book is a revisionist history of music piracy and copyright.

Books: Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions
The 2013 edition looks at pre- and post-Padilla development of the collateral consequences doctrine.

Books: The Price of Justice
Journalist Laurence Leamer delves into the epic legal battle Caperton v. A.T. Massey Coal Co.

Practical Tips: Responding to an RFP
To write a successful response to an RFP, adopt a marketing approach.

Social Media: Keeping Client Secrets
Lawyers using social media must keep clients' confidentiality in mind.