Barry C. Scheck
California Lawyer
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Barry C. Scheck

A conversation with Innocence Project founder Barry C. Scheck.

September 2014

Reader Comments

Comment by Azar Elihu - September 3, 2014
I'm a criminal defense practitioner and found the interview quite informative and engaging. How do we earn CEB the credit? Azar Elihu
Comment by Ron Lapekas - September 28, 2014
Unfortunately, results oriented prosecutions are not limited to criminal proceedings. I represent teachers who are given the choice between resigning without charges being filed and requesting a hearing. If they choose to request a hearing to assert their innocence, they are immediately suspended without pay and benefits and must forego both for extended periods of time. Ironically, a teacher guilty of the charges would opt to resign because future employers will be told that he/she resigned "for personal reasons." I represent a small number of teachers given this Hobson's Choice. Because I represent them either pro bono or for a flat fee that barely covers expenses, it may be presumed that I believe my clients are innocent. However, like the wrongfully convicted persons who refuse to plead guilty and show remorse, my clients are also unable to refuse to express remorse for something they didn't do. Consequently, when the charges are invariably sustained, the Decision always includes a finding that the teacher did not express remorse thereby providing an additional ground to justify dismissal. Kafka would be proud.

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